Who We Are

ERGO/movement is directed by Jessie Owens and performers include a revolving and growing group of artists, including:

Jessie Owens is a performing artist, choreographer, and the owner/practitioner at Fulcrum Massage and Bodywork. She is the founder of Ergo Movement, a collaborative performance project based in Burlington, Vermont. Her intentions within this venture are to make candid and accessible works, to expand the appreciation of dance and performance on a local scale in Vermont, and to foster collaborative relationships with other artists and performers. Read more about Jessie here.

Beth Morelli has studied dance throughout her life, and has performed locally with Sarah Cover, Spielpalast Cabaret and Laisse Tomber.  Her main gig is as a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clinician where she utilizes a mind/body approach to support her clients' growth and wellness. She is invigorated (and terrified) by her recent leap into contemporary dance, and is deeply grateful for the opportunity to play and perform with some of Vermont's most delightful and engaging artists. 

Kim Beinin has been studying dance in varying capacities since the mere age of 2. It has been a life long passion and means of expressing herself. In 2009 she graduated from Burlington College with a degree in Transpersonal Psychology and the Expressive Arts with a concentration in Dance Movement Therapy.

Danielle Tekut received a BA in dance from Smith College and is working hard to dream big. Choreography, yoga, literature, and ginger tea fuel her earnest desire to find joy within growth.

Jeremy Frederick is a musician, web developer, and homesteader living in Vermont. He is an active musical performer throughout Vermont and beyond, primarily as member of Vermont-based band, Swale. Jeremy is the owner of Off Grid Media Lab. Find out more about his work here.

Matt LaRocca is a composer, conductor and educator based in Burlington VT. He is on the composition and theory faculty at the University of Vermont and is the Artistic Director of the Champlain Philharmonic Orchestra. Matt is also the Executive Director of Music-COMP, an organization that teaches composition to students throughout the country and facilitates live performances of their music by professional musicians. Committed to new music and innovation, Matt is the Chair of Creative Projects and Artistic Curator for the Vermont Symphony.

As a composer, Matt’s work has been commissioned by groups such as the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, the Metropolitan Wind Symphony, the New Jersey Youth Symphony and the Great Falls Symphony Orchestra. From 2007-2008 he was the Faculty Composer in Residence for the Montana State University Symphony. Artistic residencies include an expedition to the high arctic through The Arctic Circle organization and composition/improvisation residencies at schools throughout New England and California. He frequently performs as both a violist and a guitarist in classical, rock and improvisation ensembles. Matt holds degrees in chemistry and music from Middlebury College, and a doctorate in music composition from Boston University. Find out more about Matt's work at www.mattlarocca.com