ERGO/movement is a collaborative performance project based in Vermont. Driven by the need to understand and deepen our interrelatedness to each other and the more-than-human world, we create inherent moments and experiences of connection and meaning between the performers and with the audience. We tell stories, both true and imagined, through the mediums of movement and music. Through imaginative and sentient landscapes, each work continues to develop our individual and shared relationships with performance, as we continuously look for new ways to conceive, createconnect, and convey

We seek to connect to the essence of our humanity and to our environments, and to find it within each other. We seek to create new ways of knowing and being, beyond words and information, factual histories and timelines, and current cultural norms. We seek to conceive of ways of telling our stories and lived experiences within landscapes that are sensorial, visual, and aural, to move ourselves and our audiences closer to our individual truths, collective discoveries, and our shared memories. We seek to convey, in our own felt senses, who we are in our bodies and how we move our bodies through this world.