Meet the Artists: Toby MacNutt, Dance Artist

Photos courtesy of Toby MacNutt. Headshot by Owen Leavey. 


I met Toby in the summer of 2017, when we were both dancing in When Women Were Birds, an immersive, site-specific project by Nicole Dagesse of Murmurations Dance. In this work, we had the opportunity to partner together, and I was so struck by the generosity, tenderness, and vulnerability in their movement choices. Since then we have had many opportunities to overlap in the dance world, with other projects that we have both been involved with, and with our work with the Vermont Dance Alliance. I am deeply inspired by all of the ways that Toby works for dance, in their own practice, in their support for other dance artists, and in the way they ask this art form to grow and expand. When I see Toby move, I see a rich practice of seeing and of allowing themselves to be seen. Their work is layered and powerful, and I am so honored that they have joined me in my world of creation and movement.  

Toby MacNutt is a queer, nonbinary trans, and disabled dancer/choreographer, author, and teacher living in Burlington, VT. They make dance work for crutches, wheels, ground, and aerial fabric; craft textiles; and write speculative fiction and poetry. Toby's independent dance work includes Enter the Void (2018), a performance installation in the darkness of space, accompanied by a sci-fi poetry guidebook; and One, Two (2014), an exploration of embodiment in relationships on dancers with and without disabilities. Toby has also danced with Murmurations Dance immersive site works When Women Were Birds and Bone Hooks, in projects by Tiffany Rhynard’s Big APE and Lida Winfield, and with Heidi Latsky's GIMP, among others. Find out more, and read their written work, at