Meet the Artists: Holly Chagnon, Dance Artist

Photo courtesy of Holly Chagnon


I honestly can't remember the first time I met Holly Chagnon. She has been a part of the fabric of Burlington since I moved here in the summer of 2000. With many friends in common, our paths have crossed many times throughout the years. For some time, before I met her, I heard from a few folks that I had a Doppelgänger in town (you'll have to notice our very similar facial features the next time you see us together -especially our noses). We have frequently gravitated to each other when we find ourselves in the same space, stealing a moment in a crowded room to talk closely and check in. Holly has always struck me as an outgoing and bubbly, a social butterfly, really. In these quiet, stolen moments I have shared with her, she has delighted me by how effortlessly she can meet me with real and unpretentious seeing and listening. It's unbelievable to me, that after all of these years, we are only now finding the opportunity to collaborate directly on a project together. Watching Holly find her way in my work feels like watching her find her way home. I see her each rehearsal meeting me again, effortlessly and wholeheartedly, with her fierce willingness to be real and vulnerable. Join us for the performances in February to see for yourself. Main Street Landing Performing Arts Center in Burlington, on February 21st and 22nd, and Town Hall Theater in Middlebury, on February 28th and 29th.

Holly is excited to be a part of this production. Having danced in many performance pieces with VT choreographer, Hannah Dennison in the past, as well as performing and collaborating with Erika Senft Miller Performance Lab in the last few years, she is grateful for this new experience. Growing up in Burlington, VT, being a part of the arts community has always been important to her. Whether it's dance, drama, or playing drums in local band, The Smittens, she is always keeping herself busy. In her free time, you can find her photographing her black cat, Tallulah, or her dog, Zeezie, because why won't she? They are rather photogenic.