Meet the Artists: Emer Pond Feeney, Dance Artist

I met Emer, like many of the dancers I know, during the early days of performing with the Spielpalast Cabaret. We also worked together for several years and become close friends during that time, spending many an evening watching Meryl Streep movies with her daughter, Esse. As the years went by, life took us in different directions, as it tends to do. Emer went to graduate school to become a librarian, and I to Smith College finish my bachelor's degree in dance. In 2016, I invited her to dance in a production of The Dinner Party for DanceFestVT, a choreographer showcase that was presented at Castleton University. This current production is now the second version of The Dinner Party that Emer has helped to create. I felt this in 2016, and I feel it again now- when we dance together, our history is present in the room. When I see her moving through my work, I feel the years and the various ways that we have known each other. To say that I am delighted to be dancing with her again is an understatement. We've known each other for almost 20 years. Here she is again, playing with me, exploring life through movement and performance with me -like old times, but with so much more underneath it all. My heart is full. 


Emer Pond Feeney is a dancer, actor, writer, and librarian living in her hometown of Burlington, Vermont. She has been performing and doing creative work since she was a child. Most recently, her latest play "Last Man in Space" was read at the Off Center in spring 2019. She is grateful to be working with her longtime friend, Jessie, and this wonderful group of dancers.